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Gorgeous, long and bouncy hair is many women’s dream. When discussing long hair, Vietnamese long hair must be mentioned with the extraordinary length. This blog will reveal the secret of how Vietnamese women have such long and beautiful hair.

  1. Vietnamese long hair is the traditional attractiveness of Vietnamese women 

Women with long hair Vietnamese are the cultural icon of Vietnamese beauty. This phrase, with “ao dai,” represents Vietnamese women’s beauty. 

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Vietnamese long hair is the traditional attractiveness of Vietnamese women

Long hair makes it easier for Vietnamese women to style their hair, or perhaps the allure of Vietnamese long hair has a significant impact on them. It embodies the elegance and timeless beauty of Vietnamese women. 

  2. Outstanding characteristics and secrets of Vietnamese long hair 

Long hair Vietnamese has exceptional qualities and is the dream of countless individuals. And below are some crucial characteristics you need to know: 

  • Vietnamese long hair is straight and black by nature: Due to the country’s mild climate, long hair Vietnam is typically black and straight (sometimes maybe it’s a bit curly and dark brown). In addition, Vietnamese women’s care for and nourishment of their hair naturally with natural ingredients contributes to darker and denser hair. 
  • Vietnamese long hair is silky and supple: Women in Vietnam specially care for their hair by frequently washing their hair with handmade shampoos from natural ingredients like locust, skin pomelo, and holy basil, etc. Furthermore, they do not consume fast food or unhealthy diets that are detrimental to hair health. Because of this, long hair Vietnamese is always silky and shiny and many people worldwide wish they had such beautiful hair. 

African countries, particularly Nigerians, aspire to have such beautiful hair like Vietnamese long hair due to the fact that their hair is thin and short by nature. Women in Europe can have long hair, but it isn’t as thick as Vietnamese hair, so many European women also desire long hair Vietnam. 

  • Long hair Vietnamese could be styled and coloured with relative ease: Because it is naturally straight, it is easy to style Vietnamese long hair in a variety of ways. It is also extremely resilient, so it can be dyed any color desired. Long hair Vietnam is incredibly adaptable, allowing for a variety of appealing hairstyles and hues, particularly in blonde tones such as 613 color. 
  • Vietnamese long hair is robust and resilient: After chemical treatment, Long hair Vietnamese retains its original strength. If properly maintained, long hair Vietnam extensions can have a life span up to 10 years.

  3. Hair extensions are the quickest and most convenient way to obtain such beautiful Vietnamese long hair

Due to urbanization and modern way of life, just a small number of Vietnamese women keep the tradition of maintaining long hair today. Long hair Vietnamese is usually found in mountainous areas in the north of Vietnam, which is also the source for Vietnamese hair extensions. 

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Hair extensions are the quickest and most convenient way to obtain such beautiful Vietnamese long hair

Due to regional factors and climate in other regions in the world, it is challenging for women there to attain such beautiful hair as the Vietnamese long hair. And they pay attention to long hair Vietnam extensions, which are the quickest and most efficient way to achieve long Vietnamese hair such as Vietnamese women. 

  • Long Vietnamese hair extensions are becoming more popular and profitable on the world hair market. 
  • Many individuals, particularly Americans – Africans, are attracted by the appeal of Vietnamese long hair, so they frequently purchase hair extensions from Vietnam. By trading Vietnamese hair extensions, African hair retailers could earn 2-3 times profit from their initial cost. 
  • Vietnamese hair extensions are regarded as the most affordable option available. Because raw materials are  chosen carefully, Vietnamese hair extensions are among the best types of hair extensions in the world, but they’re still affordable. Because of this, many people all over the world adore Vietnamese hair. 

If you desire such beautiful hair like Vietnamese long hair, then Vietnamese hair extensions are the optimal way to beautify your appearance.

 4. Where to buy Vietnamese long hair extensions

If you are a fan of long hair Vietnamese, below are some suggestions of dependable places to buy Vietnamese hair extensions.

For those who are wondering “How to buy hair from Vietnam” and “Is importing hair from Vietnam difficult?”. Today, importing and exporting hair from other countries is much easier. Moreover, Vietnam is a country with many export-promoting policies and stable political status, so importing hair from this country is convenient and fast.

4.1 Vin Hair Vendor – top 1 best Vietnamese hair supplier to buy Vietnamese long hair

Vin Hair Vendor has long been renowned for supplying affordable high quality hair

  • They supply bulk hair, hair weft bundles, closures and frontals, clip-ins, tape-ins and tip-ins as the main products
  • Price: really reasonable, only from $8 for a bundle of 100g natural straight hair
  • Exchanges and returns are accepted if the products are found defective by the faults of the hair vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the first places to buy hair if you want Vietnamese long hair extensions up to 38 inches at affordable prices.

4.2. AZ Hair – top 2 best places to buy Vietnamese long hair 

With more than 15 years of experience in the world hair industry, AZ Hair is among the largest and most reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers. 

  • Their primary products include hair bulk, hair weft, closures, and frontals. Their hair is renowned for its superior quality and incredible length 
  • Price: very competitive, from $11.8 per bundle of 100g straight hair 8 inches 
  • Policy: Under certain circumstances, returns and exchanges are accepted within three days from receipt.  

Customers consider Az hair among the most trustworthy suppliers of Vietnamese long hair due to its superior quality and customer service. 

4.2. Mic Hair – one of the most reputable Vietnamese hair vendors 

Mic Hair is one of the most trustworthy Vietnamese hair vendors, specializing in the global trade of virgin hair and raw hair for over a decade. 

  • Mic Hair mainly provides a variety of lengths and colors of weft hair and bulk hair. Mic Hair’s weft hair garners a great deal of interest from customers around the globe. 
  • Pricing: reasonable, start at $12.9/100g 
  • Except for custom orders, the company accepts returns and exchanges within 30 days. 

Mic Hair consistently receives positive feedback from clients. Many  customers are pleased with the products’ quality and competitive prices. Consequently, they consider Mic Hair one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors. 

4.3 Mic Hair – top 3 best places to buy Vietnamese long hair  

Mic Hair has been one of the most reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers for over 10 years which specializes in the international trade of Vietnamese raw and virgin hair 

  • Mic Hair primarily offers bulk hair and hair weft in different colors and lengths. International customers are attracted to the weft hair produced by Mic Hair. 
  • Mic Hair offers reasonable pricing, beginning at $12.9 per 100g 
  • Except for customized orders, exchanges and returns are accepted within 30 days. 

Mic Hair receives positive customer feedback. Customers of Mic Hair are satisfied with the quality and affordability of the products. As a result , Mic Hair is regarded as among the best hair vendors to purchase long hair Vietnamese. 

4.4. MCSARA – top 4 best places to buy Vietnamese long hair 

MCSARA is one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors that best meets your needs of superior long hair Vietnam. 

  • Products: Except for wigs, MCSARA Hair supplies numerous types of hair extensions. 
  • Price: extremely reasonable and belongs to the low-cost segment. 
  • Policy: MCSARA is amenable to exchanges and returns

International clients regard MCSARA as one of the best hair Vietnamese hair vendors so you can buy Vietnamese long hair here with confidence.

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