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Choosing the best hair supplier for your company might be difficult given the wide range of options now available. Vin hair vendor beats against rivals to establish itself as a unique and superior manufacturer, giving your business new possibilities and a turning point.

 1. How Vin Hair Vendor has developed

Having beautiful hair is crucial since a woman’s attractiveness extends beyond only her face and body. However, not everyone is born with naturally beautiful hair. Vin hair vendor was founded with the intention of giving ladies the most gorgeous and high-quality hair products to help them feel confidently attractive.

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Vin hair vendor was founded in 2010

In 2010, Vin Hair Vendor was founded. Beginning as a small hair store that had many obstacles, Vin Hair has grown to become one of the largest and top hair suppliers in Vietnam. Vin hair confidently fulfils huge orders, delighting even the most discerning clientele. The vast majority of the world’s markets, particularly the African market and even the discerning markets like Europe, consider Vin hair as an important partner

Put quality first above anything else! To ensure that every product is of the highest calibre before it is delivered, a stringent quality control and surveillance system have been put in place. With a 1000-square-meter facility and a highly experienced team, they can produce and provide hair at the cheapest price possible.

 2. Vin hair provider offers premium products at competitive pricing.

Customers always get the greatest quality and service from Vin hair vendor. In this part, let’s discover more about them.

  2.1 Vin hair vendor provides high-quality hair

For consumers to always feel comfortable and shiny, Vin hair vendor always provides them with stunning, high-quality hair.

  • Vin hair vendor is always meticulous in all of its activities, starting with the sources of its input. Girls between the ages of 18 and 25 who reside in the mountains or highlands are the main hair sources. They often lead healthy lifestyles, follow scientific dietary guidelines, and take care of their hair with natural herbs.
  • Their selection of goods is wide-ranging and extensive. There are tip-in, weft, clip-in, and tape-in hair extensions available. They provide a range of colors and lengths, from 8 to 36 inches. In accordance with client specifications, they also produce products on demand.

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Vin hair vendor provides high-quality hair

  • Their best-selling product is the bone straight hair weft. Nigerians particularly love it. Tons of bone-straight hair are exported by the company each year to this market. Many customers also like and choose blonde hair.
  • They not only give you beautiful hair, but they also advise you how to take care of it so it has a long lifespan. If properly cared for, hair products from the Vin hair vendor may last up to five years.
  • They have a hair factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam and they have skilled staff to produce hair so hair quality is always stable and new.

Customers are completely happy with their products, and Vin hair‘s products are always of high quality and at reasonable prices.

  2.2 Vin hair vendor has competitive prices

Vin hair vendor may not offer you the lowest price, but they will give you the fairest and most competitive pricing for hair that is of superior quality. They are a great partner for your hair company and the leading Vietnamese hair factory. Compared to other hair vendors, certain products are less expensive. For just about $8 USD, you can get a high-quality 8-inch hair bundle.

Color, lengths, styles, and grade all have a role in how much hair costs.

Based on the color you select, colored hair costs an additional $5 to $10.

Vin hair vendor has many special deals on holidays and has better prices if you buy in bulk.

 3. Vin hair vendor has great service and a clear policy

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the Vin hair vendor’s exchange, delivery, and customer service policies.

 3.1. Vin hair vendor has excellent customer service

Customer service is another important factor for many buyers. The professional team at Vin hair vendor is available around the clock to assist consumers who may still have concerns or need clarification about the hair products or shipment.

Additionally, the company provides two email addresses and two WhatsApp contacts for customer service. The Vin hair vendor’s customer care team is enthusiastic and constantly prioritizes the demands of the customer. Therefore, feel free to contact customer service if you have any questions regarding how your transaction is coming along.

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 Vin hair vendor has excellent customer service

 3.2. The delivery of Vin hair vendor

Delivery firms including UPS, DHL, FedEx, and AGENT are partners with Vin Hair. They consistently make an effort to provide to clients as quickly as possible.

It takes roughly two to three days to process in-stock orders, seven to ten days for custom orders, and five to ten days for shipping (depending on location). You will be provided with a tracking number once your order is shipped.

In case you enter the wrong shipping address, please contact Vin hair vendor as quickly as possible and they can handle it for you.

 3.3. Policy for returns and exchanges at Vin hair vendor

Vin hair vendor has a clear return and exchange policy. Depending on the particulars of your case, they will refund, replace, or compensate you. Please thoroughly check your package for accuracy as soon as you get it. You have seven days from the date of receipt to request a return or exchange for a product.

The Vin hair vendor will cover the cost of return shipping if the issue is the result of a supplier error, such as a wrong kind being sent or a problem during production.

Customers are responsible for shipping charges when issues arise as a result of their actions.

Currently, in the hair industry, there are many competing factories, but Vietnamese hair factory is always sought after by many wholesalers or hair salons from ancient times to the present. What makes it so popular around the world?. Read the article below:

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